Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PNRR4Wolves ...let's howl for Hot romance & those Hot Alpha's

Since 1995 when the wolves were first re-introduced to the lower 48 states I have been a big support. Anyone who has come across the handle "Pommawolf" on the internet no doubt has read a post or viewed a petition that I have signed in relation to the wolves. I no longer acknowledge the nasty harassment by internet trolls, but stand up and overlook their boredom and stupidity and continue the fight for the wolves survival. They are a vital keystone spieces. Their a beautiful animal that have an importance in nature and the planet.
So I am pleased to be a small part of helping to promote a wonderful group of authors who have created a cause so close to my heart. I thank E.L. Stevens and a whole host of out of this world authors who have stepped up to plate and helping these wonderful creatures....*S*
I love books, erotic romance of all genre, and paranormal romance has a special place in my heart along with the wolves. For the artists of the written word to come together and lend their voices to such a wonder animal is deep and meaningful to me......*S*
Please visit the following link and be a part of this inspiring adventure, and get your heart a pumping in the process. Stir up your imagination, your fanatasies, and stir up those hot embers, fan the fires of hot romance with the alpha's. Let us all take a walk on the wild side.....*S* More to follow for links to help the wolves across the whole United States....***(((Howling for Hot Books, and for the WOLVES.....hhhhOOOOWWWLLLLIING....


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