Monday, March 28, 2011

My Little Part of Alaska...Is Spring Here....Maybe...*S*

Well here it is almost April, and the taste of spring is just teasing us here. yes. Teasing us. We've been having temps at around 30+ lately, but it turned around and dumped 4 inches of snow on us out of the blue. We got ratehr used to having sunny skies and clear views across the valley below us, and then we get remided by mother nature she is still not ready to warm up our cockles just yet...

I am anxious to see the birch trees bloom. When the birch sart getting green the trees across all the mountains suddenly like over a space of 3 or 4 days just burst out vibrant green. I have never seen trees turn so quickly in all my life, andit is a sight to experience. Hopefully I will get pictures of it this year instead of being too busy going and coming from work each day. This will be the first spring in many years that I have not been working. So there really isn't any excuse not to enjoy its beauty.

I am ready and eager to get outside and wander about our little 10 acres to explore the surroundings and wildlife. I can't wait to see moose feed on the green birch leaves and branches and snap some pictures of their feeding. We had a few wander close to the house this year, and I am ever so happy to finally have the place into which we can experience it. I amhoping to catch sight of the grizz and fox too. But waiting in anticipation for the biggest treasure of all. The wolves. I don't know if we will see them, but I kno we will hear them. Just listening to their howls gives me goose pimples....*S*. They speak to my soul.

Alpine Lights outside  my backdoor

Miss moose right outside my addition window

She is looking for birsh to eat outside my sddition window

Well here ae a few pictures. I am sad that I don't have the video or specialized camera to capture the Northern Lights. But ther are few of the Alpine Lights that were taken right from my back door. They are beautiful in their colors. I've sent never seent he sky these colors in the morning anywhere. So enjoy my little treasures. I hope to be posting more in the future......

Just heading around the side of my house

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