Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Whole New World...not a workaholic anymore.

It was about the week before Christmas of 2010 that I decided I had had enough of being a slave to my job. Especially a slave to the corporate monster that had taken over not only my life, but my soul mates life as well. We both worked for the same monster, but my husband had been with them longer.

We all have to work in order to meet our daily survival needs, but when you get up every morning with your ass dragging to the edge of the bed in protest you know there are deep questions to ask yourself. When your feet touch that cold bedroom floor of your work in process home, and your mind quickly speeds forward to the next task at hand with your shoulders curling forward in revulsion ..... your soul speaks up ....it is just time to stop the bullshit of denial.
I look out my bedroom window to see the awesome sight of a female moose wandering across our property for her morning breakfast. My mind says enough already. It is now time for life priorities, and figuring out just what is important in my life. Not just my life, but my soul mates as well.

How can you wake up with deep dread knotted in your stomach just knowing that life is speeding by like an Arctic winter wind. Life is too short, and I want to enjoy the world around me without regrets and what ifs. This is just the beginning what I had intended when I started this blog. To do what I want, when I want, and share all of my small piece of the world. Not only mine piece....but my soul mate's part in it. Our life living our dreams.

I hope you enjoy the moose.....*S* I had this picture along with many other in my camera since the day I quit my job. I pack my camera everywhere since the photo opts are ever present when you live in Alaska. The Kindle and the digital camera are in the bag everywhere I go. Yes... you can live in the interior of Alaska and enjoy the modern gadgets. But I still don't have a continuous wireless connection since there are not enough cell towers this far north. Well off to play on the net and hopefully I will stick to my guns and post daily to share my little world with those that actually take an interest. Have a great day folks. Who knows. Maybe I'll even post more than once a day. There are always possibilities...*S*

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