Sunday, February 20, 2011

Being who you are with dignity and patience.

When you live in todays world it comes at a price when trying to communicate on the internet. Whether it is doing business or enjoying your passion and interest it does not matter. The price exist in small inconviences to invasions of privacy to out and out attacks. This is called living in todays world. It comes at a cost.
I have LiveJournal page that I started in 2009 in an attempt to deal with another round of the dreaded "internet trolls/stalkers" . I know it did little if anything but calm my frustration at the time. Years of frustration that is. For my crazy duo were not just my terrors from hell, but another innocent victims as well. I keep his identity private as he has been gotten far more abuse than I had ever experienced, and I wouldn't wish this hell on anyone ever. It is a nightmare that follows you online no matter where you go if you happen to have these real life demons stalking you through the internet. I can promise you this though, that if they have a twisted view of the world they can be most dedicated in their pursuit in making your life a living hell.
I will give you the link on my LiveJournal that if you have an interest in to the hell that began in 1998, and still continues to this day. That scariest of all is that I know who these nutjobs are, and I damn tired of trying to live my life with them breathing down the back of my neck everywhere I go. Hopefully the lik will work. If not, just leave a comment and I will send it to you.
here is the link: "Pommawolf....The Real One...."

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