Thursday, July 30, 2009

Living and Working in Alaska....

July 20, 2009
Well went home yesterday late afternoon, and just had leftovers for dinner. I had not had the chance to do any housework let alone the dishes …*S*. We had our dinner and just decided to relax for the rest of the as we are headed back out to do another days work, some we watched a movie to end the productive day.
We got up this morning at three o’clock to have coffee and watch our weekday morning dose of “Angel”. It is a show that is easy to like, and characters to become attached to, and little lessons that shine through each episode. We spent some time with the fur babies, a bunch of pets and snuggle & huggles. They always know we are going to leave the house when we get up so early to start the day. It upsets them so much so that they act out in bad behaviors, but it is only because they would prefer to have us stay home with them all day. If only they could read our minds and know that we are working on our forever home, and that our hope are to retire early so we can spend more time with them each day.
We are now at the property, and during the drive we could see and taste the smoke in the air from all the surrounding forest fires. It is so amazing that although the fires are quite some distance from where we are that we should be able to taste and see their effects at all. But see it and taste we do. My soul mates intention is to finish the smoothing out of our foundation, and stake out the size and area of our home on the foundation. We have been working at creation of our forever home just bits at a time so it will be already for the move next spring of 2010. We are not rich, but simple working folks that have been working towards this goal for the last 10 years. A simple dream for just plain working folks.

The pictures you see above are ones that I have taken as we are working on our property. It's not a cheap job, but we are doing most of the work ourselves so it keeps the expense down quite alot. The beautiful purple flowers are named "Fireweed", and they grow like a weed, but they aren't really a weed. People make honey, lellies and tea from the flowers, and they bloom in July and filter away in the early fall about September. It is quite a sight viewing them covering a whole field in their wild abundance. They can also be found in Northern Canada as well.

It is now our vacation, and we have completed a little bit of the last work for the year on the property. The forest fires are still burning and the smoke blows into to our area, so it makes it quite hard to breath let alone see more than a mile. WE hope and pray daily that the weather will change so we can get ooler temperatures and some much needed rain. We been having a drought, so everything is dry and arid. We need the rain, but we definitely DO NOT need the lightening that would come with the thunderstorms. Although it would be great to have the most perfect weather, we are praying for rainl rain, rain. WE are having the high temps as you would normally have in the lower 48 states, and the Pacific Northwest is having cooler temps. So if anyone out their has rain that they don;t really want...please send it to the Interior of Alaska because we could really use it....*S*

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