Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 19, 2009
This is our second summer in the Interior of Alaska, and it has been a learning season. Although we have been Alaska for a few years now each oncoming season bring new challenges and goals to achieve. When we moved back to Alaska from the Pacific Northwest with our own two hands on the lower forty eight we knew it was going to be forever. It is our hope and dream to retire, and to in our forever home of our own making. Whether that dream home was to be one that we built with our own two hands … or should I say with our own four hands, it was going to ours made of our own imaginations.
We first discovered to our dismay that to buy a home anywhere in Alaska was going to cost us a fortune. That our nation is in a full blown confused mess because our failure of a president and government leaders is a foregone conclusion. Not one person in the United States ever believed that our country was going to end in the disaster that it is now, but trying to survive in today’s economy is a whole new ball game altogether. My soul mate and I had one thing going in our favor when this nightmare that Bu$h brought down upon our heads, and that was that our children are already grownups, and we no longer have to support them. That both children live here in Alaska; have jobs, hopes and dreams of their own. The oldest is out of the house with the beginnings of a family in the making, and our daughter although living at home and pays rent to help out financially is also building her dreams of the future.

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