Thursday, April 7, 2011


     I have had the wonderful experience the last several months getting more involved with my passion of reading. In my search for learning about the authors I have enjoyed reading the last few years I’ve discover many, many very wonderful people. Since I live so far north in Alaska it is hard for me to travel anywhere to the conferences and gatherings that are held by these wonderful writers. So what better way to try and do that is over the internet?

     Personally it is a challenge just reaching out to strangers as I live far away. I have had some bitter experiences in the past with some very strange internet trolls, and all of them by the same mentally unstable individual and her friends. I won’t get into that as it is in the past, but what I really wanted to make a point with is that it is matter of trust.
     But wonderfully enough this experience the last several months have been marvelous. I have never chatted with any nicer people that with the authors I have come in contact with online. Every one of them have been so kind and willing to share their world with we the readers. I have no greater respect than for the authors who worked and create the best magic in the world. So many of them are so ready and willing to share their work, and truly have the desire to engage their readers. They want to know what you enjoy to read. What kind of stories you enjoy and what you would love to read in the future.

     I just want to thank all of them, and simply have no way in which to do it. They have brought such joy and happiness into my world, and I will only enjoy it even more I the future. So I am going to post links to all the blog’s share their releases and contest just try to help get the world out about their books. I will never honor them as I would like to, but at least let others know what is out their just waiting for them to discover it…*S*
     So here is what I'm trying these days. I am reading writing reviews. This just tickles me to death. I enjoy this so much as it gets me a chance to be involved in an art that I have never had a talent for. So, if your interested in the future....come on by and take a peek. It will be awhile yet before I am allowed to re post what I've written..but it will get here.....*S*
And if any one is interested..this is just my small part of the world.....S*

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