Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Family is Growing

I am touching base with all of you in hopes that you all know that I am still noting all you news as soon as I can, and reading and signing all the petition's as I can. I try to be here for all of you as I can as things have been a bit hairy through the summer die to the more than I can count forest fires that knocked us all to our knees with air as thick as pea soup. Many of us here have suffered to the poor air quality, and many of us are still fighting lung infections that are taking longer than normal to recover from. I have been fighting a serious lung infection that is just not going quietly into the good night....but kicked my royal behind. It is just taking time to get well.
I try to send out pleas for help for the voiceless as I can, but I have been pretty drugged out for the last 2 months, and trying to play catch up....and for that I am extremely sorry for when I couldn't respond as quick as I could in the past. Please know that your Pm's to me are being caught up with...I will never ignore is just taking me a bit more time than usual......*S*
I also wanted to share with you that son recently proposed to his special lady, and she has said yes....*S * We are ever so happy that he is happy with the love of his life....this just tickles us that he has found his soul mate....*S* With this special union of love comes a young boy age 5 who has been calling him "Daddy" now for almost a year......*S* He he is a joy and welcome as our grandchild as blood means nothing when love, heart and soul makes family.....*S* We are overjoyed with adding his lady love and her child into our "family" . Our son''s birthday was on August 21st, the same week that he proposed to his sweetheart, and on his birthday he found out that he will be a father for the second time.....(cause we count his sweetie's son as our own")....but we are also very happy to be grandparents for the second time. Blood is only a fluid....and love comes straight from the heart and is simply love.....and always unconditional.....*S*
I realize I have not been active, but family stuff as what I have just shared has kept us busy.....I hope and pray that you can understand that...I know you do.....*S*
I have also been upset with the Idaho wolf hunt that is wrong and cruel. I now have been made a target of ex trouble makers who have been just thrilled with the killing of the wolves.
They come crawling out of the woodwork, and now they feel justified now that they can smell the blood just at their they squeeze that trigger in thrill and anticipation.
Why they feel as they do, act as they do...I will never understand. It eludes me. It is a slap in the face of everything I have been raised to believe and have faith in. Killers in human form that care nothing about the creatures they hate and slaughter. They have been raised in an environment that is full of delusion and misinformation that they will never feel compassion for. For that alone I feel sick and disappointed. Disappointed in the human species. That they will never learn from another species pain and agony for they are that close minded and selfish of a creature, They have been bred in hate and lies, and wish nothing but the existence of a creature gone.
The Welfare Rancher of the West is alive and well. They care nothing but what they are accustom to, and have no desire to be taught anything different. Why should they? Its free money, free land and free pity.